Navigating Divorce: Your House, Home Loan, and Taxes

Avoid Costly Housing Mistakes During and After Divorce

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Divorce is seldom an easy journey and often entails a multitude of challenging decisions. Among these, one of the most crucial choices revolves around your home.

Amid the emotional and financial tumult of divorce, what you need most is straightforward, non-emotional, and precise information. Understanding how divorce impacts your home, mortgage, and taxes can facilitate more rational and logical decision-making. Neutral, third-party guidance can help you steer clear of emotionally driven choices.

Your initial dilemma typically centers on whether you wish to remain in your current home. Will the familiar surroundings provide comfort and emotional security, or do they evoke unpleasant memories? Are you inclined to minimize change by staying put, or do you consider selling your home and embarking on a fresh start?

While only you can provide answers to these questions, it's important to recognize that your decisions may carry financial implications. What can you realistically afford? Can you manage your current home within your new budget? Is refinancing a viable option, or would selling and buying a new home be more advantageous? How much home can you afford within your revised budget?

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Divorce and Your Home

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